How to Pray

I got this message from a perspective client today:  I would like to see you because my prayers have not been answered.  The person didn’t state what they were asking for so I don't know what their prayers were.

I frequently get prayer requests and I add them to my prayer basket which I then pray over every day.

Many times we pray for what we want, or what we feel is the only answer to our current problems, or we pray for what we feel is the best for someone else and their situation. Many times we pray for something because we want to feel safe.  So we pray to remove obstacles or pray to not lose something – such as a job or a relationship, even when we are done with that experience.

Often, we've generally out grown a situation, person, behavior, thought, etc., and it's time to move on to new opportunities and growth.  By moving on, we open new doors to happiness, self fulfillment, money, and so on.

The reason we don’t easily let go of situations which we have outgrown is because growth is scary and it takes us out of our comfort zone.  (Yikes!  That’s tough.)  Growth is also more difficult because we can't control others or the decisions that they make.  

The most difficult aspect of change is that by default, we wear blinders. We can only see what is immediately in front of us but can't see what’s around the bend.  And we don't know if we will be secure or if we will fail.  So instead of being excited about all the turns and twists in life, we prepare to put our foot on the brake and hold on for dear life.

Many of the readings I do involve people who have lost a relationship or a job and their loss has made them very upset. But as I'm reading them, they were unhappy, maybe even  bored, in their old relationship or job. Maybe the person they left was abusive, perhaps lazy, or they just didn't have anything in common with the other person any more.  Perhaps the job that the person loss was boring or was going nowhere.  Perhaps they have always wanted to try something else for a career. So on one hand my client is done with their relationship or job but they are afraid to let go of the situation.  Perhaps they are afraid to be alone, or they are afraid of financial consequences, and so on.  There are many excuses for them holding on to the old situation.

When we pray for something in our life, we need to remain open to praying or asking for what we want and/or for what it is for our highest good.  Then when we pray for others, we do the same thing.  We pray for what is for their highest good. If what we are asking for affects more than one person, then we pray for what is for the greatest good of everyone involved.  We always want to stay focused on what is best for  all concerned. We do this because we don't always know what will take us or others to a better place in life.

When we are open for our highest good, or for the highest good of others, the road is generally smoother, maybe not at first, we need those bumps in the road.  We need them  to adopt to a new way of thinking, learning, expanding who we are as an individual, as a spiritual being.

As we keep moving forward, the rough edges start to wind down and smooth out. I call that being in our groove. When we are in our groove, we are honestly open to the universe bringing to us, all that we need to succeed.

When we stay open to wonderful possibilities, we embrace change and we are more receptive to the lessons that come into our lives.

Prayer is to help enrich our lives and to give support to others.  Prayer does not necessarily give us everything that we want.  There's an old saying, Be careful what you pray for, you might just get it.  Sometimes we do get what we asked for and then we pray to get rid of it!  So when we pray, when you pray, be open to something better, maybe something new and maybe something exciting!


In Love and Light,